HR 218 LEOSA Firearm Qualification

HR 218 LEOSA Firearms Qualification

HR 218 / LEOSA

We currently offer firearm certification as prescribed by:

Federal Law.  Title 18 USC 926C also known as LEOSA or HR 218

As mandated by federal law, our instructors are active duty sworn law enforcement officers who are certified as Police Firearms Instructors by the State of New York.

Therefore in compliance with federal law our instructors can and do certify retired Police and Peace Officers to carry their firearms nationwide as prescribed by LEOSA.

Upon successful completion of your firearm qualification you will receive a hard plastic card with your photo on it, and a 24 x 7 verification phone number, certifying your firearm qualification pursuant to federal law. 

We are conveniently located in Suffolk County, Long Island New York.

Contact us at: 516-521-9055 for tuitions and course dates.